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Password Reset Tool

 Password Reset Web Part

User Name*
Security Question #1:What is your full 7 digit ID number? (include preceeding zeroes) e.g.: 0513426
Answer #1 *
Security Question #2:What are the last 4 digits of your SSN?
Answer #2 *

(*) Required Fields

User Assistance


If you have forgotten your password.

Answer the security questions to obtain a new password.

Copy and paste the generated password for accuracy.

CCC suggests you change your password after using this tool.

To change your password to something you select, after successfully resetting password, use the Password Change Tool.

In order to reset your password, you will need to know three things:


Student: first name plus last 5 of CCC ID #, e.g.: johnathan34567

Employees: full first and full last name, or first initial and full last name. e.g.: johnathandoe

2. CCC 7 digit ID Number

This is located on your student or employee ID

3. Last 4 of your SSN

  • Once you have successfully entered three pieces of information a new password will be displayed.
  • Enter this password into to login screen along with your username.
  • Next a message will display stating you will need to change your password from the password to a password that is user generated.
  • In the old password location enter the password and then proceed with your created password.


The password you create must follow the criteria below.

  • Must be at least seven characters long and not longer than sixteen characters.
  • Cannot be reset to any of the previously used 10 passwords.
  • Your password cannot contain your first or last name.
  • Must contain characters from all of the following 3 categories:
  • Uppercase letters (A through Z)
  • Numbers (0 through 9)
  • Special symbols ), #, % etc.)
  • Do not use: ! $ . or ~

Having troubles coming up with a password? Here are some suggestions.

Mother's maiden name with your birthdate and a special character.

Example: Jones15#

Pet name special character and the current year

Example: Spike%2011